Computer Programming
For Psychologists


Below is an overview of different topics on which I do workshops. They are organized in a very hands-on manner, meaning that I try to aim for a conceptual understanding that allows you to integrate the topics in your own work as quickly as possible, without getting lost in too much technical detail (a delicate balance which I do not always aim to achieve however). Interested in having a workshop organized near you? Get in touch in the contact section!

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming


To handle the complexity of larger programs, most programming languages implement the notion of an object. In fact, if you have used Python then it is very likely that you already have been in contact with objects (technically, everything in Python is an object but I try not to get lost into too much technical detail). In this workshop I introduce the basic idea behind Object Oriented Programming (OOP), in a manner that makes clear in what situations this paradigm can be beneficial in your own code.

Introduction to Web Development

JavaScript HTML CSS

In recent years we have seen a huge shift towards running experiments online. To get the most out of your online experiments, it is useful to have some knowledge about the technologies and programming languages that underly your online content. In this workshop, the basic anatomy of a web page, as well as the programming langues used to create one (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) are introduced.

Online experiments with jsPsych

JavaScript Frameworks

Never reinvent the wheel. This concept can also be applied to creating online experiments. In this workshop we introduce the popular jsPsych framework in an intuitive and accessible manner, and is an excellent follow-up for the 'Introduction to Web Development' workshop. At the end of this session, you should be able to program your own Stroop task and even host it online for free so that you can collect data!